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Borewell Drilling in Kannur

Our company is a reputed and recognised Borewell cleaning solutions provider in Kanur. The topmost borewell cleaning contractor in Kannur offers borewell drilling services at affordable cost and provides cost-effective measures and customer convenience measures.

A Borewell must be cleaned periodically for the health and safety. We have expertise in flushing and cleaning Borewell services through high pressure air compressor, removes all the insolvent materials in dirty water like dust or wastes and decayed particles
Borewell Drilling procedure: Drilling procedure of a 6.5 inch borewell is been explained in our draft, the procedure is the same for all dimensions of drilling. The drilling rig is been set exactly in the point marked by a water diviner, hydro geologist, groundwater locator or a borewell point identification expert. Once the drilling rig is set in the point the 6.5 inch borewell drilling bit is set with the hydraulic hammer which gives pressure for the bits and is forced into the earth surface with the power produced from the high pressure compressor to blast the hole from the surface of the earth until the hard rock formation is hit. Once the hard rock formation encounters the complete set of drilling rods along with the hammer and 6.5 inch bit is removed to the surface and casing pipes made of MS iron or PVC of required grade and thickness of 5 inch (6kg) diameter is been installed into the borehole which works as a wall for the borehole avoiding the soil to fall into the well.
After inserting the casing pipes 5 inch bit is been set with the hammer to drill the rock and is again driven into the bore hole and the rock is been drilled with a pressure based on the geological formation of the area. Normally drilling rods of measurement 5 feet each are been set for each and every 5 feet to drill all the way from the surface to the required target. When the drilling is in progress the driller or the drilling supervisor carefully watches the changes in formation for each and every foot. Usually the rock colour and formation changes step by step in certain cases we also find the same rock throughout. The supervisor keeps an eye if there is some issues of silt or boulders during drilling, if silt or boulders occur during drilling special pipes called slotted or screener pipes need to be installed throughout the borewell. Once the water encounters from the borewell, it would be visibly running out from the drilled hole, approximately drilling supervisors can estimate the amount of yield from the borewell.
In case the water is sufficient the drilling process can be stopped if not it can be continued until the drilling reaches the next source. If the amount of water is high in the borewell, the borewell drilling cannot be processed .

Our Specialities

“A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold
to a thirsty man.”


Hidden cost not commonly enclosed within the price of associate instrumentation or machine, like for maintenance, supplies, support, training, and upgrades.


Our specialty is that, right from the beginning, we have started drilling operations by the slow rig, calyx rig to the latest super-fast high pressure hydraulic drilling rigs both on surface and in well.


So as to make working with us as helpful and bother free as could be expected under the circumstances, once you are enrolled with us you would now be able to send us your availability.


To give world class drilling to meet the customer needs and to strive for continual improvement.

We offer clients Borewell Drilling Services at various locations. In addition our expertise in meeting the demands of drilling works associated with geotechnical investigation, we can also successfully handle a wide range of drilling methods.




What we do ?

Specializes in water divining and well drilling. Success in locating and drilling for underground water

We undertake all types of borewells in all types of soil.

Development of Tubewell.

Excellent Borewell drilling services for Domestic and Industrial purposes.

Serving both rural & city clients in Kannur

Expert in 4½” and 6½” borewells

• Installation of pumps.
• Deciding the Borewell point. 

Rainwater Harvesting

Expertise in desalting & cleaning of damaged borewells. 

Top drive multi-purpose stations to drums wire tools, supported with support automobiles and additional equipment’s.

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